What is the winter weather road treatment policy in Ohio City?

The policy for winter weather is a policy that generally informs the people living in Troy City, on how to handle typical storms during the winter period. It serves as a general information guide. And event-by-event basis will be used to evaluate salting, plowing and pre-treatment operations. The evaluation will be carried out based on timing, longevity, severity, temperature and type.

I intend to reach a county/city department: How can I achieve this?

If you intend to contact a county/city department, all you have to do is go to their office and you should be able to see a staff to attend to you. Most of the departments have a dedicated staff, whose work is to attend to people and they are always ready to receive enquiries, questions and suggestions. The staffs are also trained on how to respond to them. Another way is through the Internet. You can easily visit the website of the county/city and go to the about us page. You will see the list of officials here, their post and their phone number. The page sometimes contain further instructions on how reach a county/city department.

How can I get directions to a park?

There are many ways of getting directions to any part you desire to visit. First you could ask for directions while on your way and you will see one or two people to direct you. This could sometimes be risky, as you could be given a wrong information. For the more credible options, you can either use the Internet. In this case, you can visit the official website of the city or county. You will get directions of house the get to the part from here. It is sometimes possible to get a map from the website.

What is the opening and closing time for the parks?

The park opens by 8:00am in the morning. The park stays open all through the day till later in the evening. The closing time varies across different parks.

Is it possible for me to be involved in a park?

Yes it is very possible to be involved in park. If you are looking forward to participating, you can become a member of Volunteers-In-Parks project (VIP’s). The VIPs usually design fun and educational events that a complete family can be a part of. They sometimes help with the maintenance and cleaning of parks. Joining Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts could also give you the opportunity to work as a volunteer in a park as these groups usually make out time to go do one or two things in parks.

Can I bring my dog to a park in Troy City?

Yes it is possible to bring a dog to a park in Troy City. Most cities allow you to come in with your dog as long as you chain them properly. The beauty and cleanliness of the park is very important and you should try to make sure that you do not leave any dirt in the park, including depositions by your dog.

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