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Troy city is a nice city that is located in Ohio State, under Miami County in the United States of America. The city has a population of about 26,000 people and has a land area of 11.94 sq mi. Troy serves as the county seat of the Miami district and also has the largest area.

For those who decide to reside in Troy City, the city boasts of all the modern amenities you will find anywhere else in the world. The roads are well developed and public transportation system is very much available. Moving from one place to the other, within or outside of the City is therefore very easy. There are sports facilities where those involved in sports can go to practice and train for competition. Other sport lovers can also visit the facilities to watch those who are competing as well as those who are practicing.

In terms of education, Ohio City has several elementary schools. High schools and tertiary institutions re also present. All of the children in the area, therefore, have a good opportunity to attain education. Residing in Troy City is therefore a great decision as there are just so much those residing in the city stands to benefit.

Coming to Troy City to visit as a tourist or for any other reason is also a great idea. There are many points of interest scattered all around the city, with some of such locations registered under the US register of historic places. Some of the places to visit include Hobart Arena, Miami County Park District, Miami Country Visitors and Convention Bureau, Miami Shores Golf Course and Troy Aquatic Park. One of the best times to visit the City is during the first weekend of June. You will be able to get an added benefit of attending the Strawberry festival. There is just so much to do in Troy City that will keep residents busy and entertained for years, without any boredom.  Most tourists who only stayed for a few days are often unable to finish every tourist activity in the city. Many have had to change the number of days they intend to stay to allow them see more, while others have had to come back as soon as they had the opportunity.

The city also features some other locations for other basic activities including nice restaurants and eateries, hotels and shopping center amongst others. Residents can thus easily get whatever they need. Tourists are also able to shop for items they could take back to their country. Apart from within Troy City, there are many other great locations, close to Troy in Miami County. Tourists can, therefore, easily make use of the opportunity of been at Troy City, to visit those locations.

There are a lot of notable people that were born in Ohio, with some of them spending their childhood in Ohio City and attending their early education there. Some of the notable individual includes Kris Dielman, Randy Walker, Jack Hewitt and Cris Cater.

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